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HyPer 9
WarP 9
TransWarP 9
(Shown with optional Tailshaft Housing)

The TransWarP Motors are designed to be coupled directly to a WarP series motor for dual motor or direct drive applications. They are available in 11.45", 9.25", and 7.406" diameters.

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    Latest News:

    NetGain Motors, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the highly anticipated HyPer 9 Integrated System™!

    Not AC Induction
    Not Axial Flux Permanent Magnet
    The HyPer 9™ is a Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet (SRIPM) 3 Phase AC Motor.
    It is powered by a matching Synchronous X1 Controller/Inverter.

    Stay ahead of the curve with this unique and revolutionary technology which differs from AC Induction and traditional Permanent Magnet technology on many levels. The HyPer 9™ IS works much like an AC induction system, but thanks to its Synchronous Reluctance rotor, the HyPer 9™ is capable of running in IEC's highest efficiency class of IE4 "Super Premium Efficiency". If you need a power dense brushless motor, you are no longer locked into paying the high price of rare earth Permanent Magnet systems. The HyPer 9™ 's Permanent Magnet technology produces an additional 30-40% peak torque over similar sized AC Induction motors - at a comparable cost!

    • Advanced programability
    • Tailorable regenerative braking and Single Pedal Driving
    • Toggle between multiple operating profiles on the move
    • Industry standard mounting and shaft make for a simple swap from/to WarP™ motors.
    • Incredible power to weight ratio
    • Designed for electric vehicles
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    NetGain Motors, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the new TransPulse 9™ Motor!

    Dealers can begin ordering this motor April 1, 2016 using the part number: 00-08359. Features of the new
    TransPulse 9™ Motor include:
    • Designed for dual motor and direct drive applications!
    • 32-tooth, hardened and splined DE shaft
    • Extra strength DE bearings
    • Field adjustable timing
    • Terminal Jumper included
    • 4 mounting holes on CE for adding appliances or coupling to an ImPulse 9™
    • 1.125™ diameter, keyed CE shaft matches ImPulse 9™ DE
    • Mounts directly to a Turbo 400 shorty tail-shaft housing for easy mounting
    • Optional 1350 slip-yoke assembly

    Forced Air Coverbands for all 9" and 11" WarP™, TransWarP™, and ImPulse™ Motors.
    The Forced Air Coverband is highly recommended for all motors. It has a Single 2.00" diameter air inlet which locates over the motor's brushes. The Coverband is made of .03” thick mild steel, with finished edges, anodized gold color, and has an inside seal. This coverband (along with a filter and blower) cools the motors and can help protect the brushes and commutator from environmental contaminants. Available for order using the part numbers 10808219EE (9.25" Diameter) and 10808311EE-2 (11.45" Diameter).

    The Next Generation of WarP 9™ Motors is now available! (CLICK HERE) for details!
    Further Information:

    • Read more about our WarPMotors. Why buy a WarP ™ Motor ? Read Here!
    • The TransWarP 9 Motors  began shipping in March, 2007! This addition to our motor line is IDEAL for dual inline motor applications, and/or direct drive arrangements of lightweight electric vehicles! This motor has a 1.370" diameter hardened drive shaft with a 32-tooth, splined shaft that matches a Turbo 400 transmission. It can also be ordered with the optional Turbo 400 "shorty" tail shaft housing, and matching 1350 style slip-yoke. The 1350 slip-yoke can be easily adapted to any manufacturers drive shaft. These are the identical components used on the TransWarP 11 Motors ! In addition to these features, this motor has a double wide drive end bearing, grease fittings for the splines, 2 lift eye bolts, a brush wear indicator, and a commutator end shaft that has a 1.125" diameter - matching the standard WarP 9 Motor drive end shaft! Spicer/Dana make off the shelf end-yoke adapters and/or universals for connecting the two motors.
    • Click here to watch customer EV videos!

      Motor Development:

      • In 2005 we introduced the ImPulse 9 Motor  line, and the newly redesigned WarP 11 Motors   and   WarP 13 Motors.
      • In 2006 we introduced the TransWarP 11 Motors. The first motor in our line designed for multiple motor installations.
      • In 2007 we introduced the TransWarP 9 ™ Motors.
      • In 2008 we introduced the TransWarP 7 ™ Motors as well as the WarP 7 ™
      • In 2009 we introduced the WarP 11HV (details available soon!)
      • In 2010 we introduced the Next Generation of WarP Motors! These newly re-designed motors included over 26 modifications, enhancements and improvements to the WarP 9 ™ Motors and TransWarP 9 ™ Motors. These enhancements are now being implemented across our entire line of motors!
      • In 2011 we implimented improved "split" brushes that handle higher voltages and currents with less arcing, dual brush wire leads (4 per brush), brush wear indicators, improved brush rigging, additional lift eye holes (to ease installations), and most motors now have 1/2" terminal studs to replace the normal 3/8" studs! We are also increasing our spring pressure to help eliminate "spring bounce". 2011 also saw the addition of new fans that will increase air-flow by almost 50% over typical "paddle" style fans in most motors.
      • In 2012 we enhanced and refined the brushes used in our motors to provide the greatest level of performance on the street (H60 Grade brushes), and on the track (H49 brushes). These new brush compounds will enhance your EV experience, especially when used with Lithium batteries. Additionally, new aluminum fans have replaced the plastic fans in our 11" diameter motors, for greater durability.
      • In 2013 we developed the D-Sea 9™ motor that allows easy retrofitting of outboard motors to electric power!
      • In 2014 we began producing the 00-08511 and 00-08811 - twin 11" diamter motors designed to be used together. Proven at Pikes Peak, this combination has been dyno tested at more than 800 ft lbs of torque.
      • In 2015 the dual 11" motors broke the 1970 record for a full-bodied Mustang by obtaining 174 MPH in the Texas mile. In addition, we have released the latest modification to our ImPulse 9 motor, the 00-08259NAL which now has a 1.125" CE shaft that matches the venerable WarP 9™ .
      • In 2016 we introduced the TransPulse™ Motor designed to connect with our normal ImPulse™ motor. The first person to use this combo set track records their 2nd time at the track!
      • In 2017 - We introduced our new line of SRIPM HyPer ™ Motors along with HyPer-Drive ™ controllers!
      • In 2018 - We introduced the HyPer 9 ™ System and wire harness!
      • In 2019 - We introduced the HyPer 9HV ™ System and new and improved chill plate!
      • In 2020 - We introduced the HyPer 9D and HyPer 9DHV ™ motors!
      • In 2022 - We will introduce the HyPer 12 ™ motor!


      Our motors are continually being enhanced! We never stop looking for ways of improving our motors and offerings. Feel free to contact us with suggestions for future improvements.


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