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NetGain Motors, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the highly anticipated
HyPer 9Integrated System!
Not AC Induction
Not Axial Flux Permanent Magnet
The HyPer 9™ is a Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet (SRIPM) 3 Phase AC Motor.
It is powered by a matching Synchronous X1 Controller/Inverter.

Stay ahead of the curve with this unique and revolutionary technology which differs from AC Induction and traditional Permanent Magnet technology on many levels. The HyPer 9™ IS works much like an AC induction system, but thanks to its Synchronous Reluctance rotor, the HyPer 9™ is capable of running in IEC's highest efficiency class of IE4 "Super Premium Efficiency". If you need a power dense brushless motor, you are no longer locked into paying the high price of rare earth Permanent Magnet systems. The HyPer 9™'s Permanent Magnet technology produces an additional 30-40% peak torque over similar sized AC Induction motors - at a comparable cost!

  • Advanced programability
  • Tailorable regenerative braking and Single Pedal Driving
  • Toggle between multiple operating profiles on the move
  • Industry standard mounting and shaft make for a simple swap from/to WarP™ motors.
  • Incredible power to weight ratio
  • Designed for electric vehicles
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