Warranties in Jeopardy!

ATTENTION:  If you have purchased a motor with one of the following serial numbers your warranty is in jeopardy!  If your motor serial number appears on this list you should contact NetGain Motors, Inc., as well as the Dealer from whom you purchased the motor!

Motor Serial Numbers
Serial Number Sold To: Serial Number Sold To:
245446989 Electric Vehicles USA 2454657041 Electric Vehicles USA
245446996 Electric Vehicles USA 2454657121 Electric Vehicles USA
245446998 Electric Vehicles USA 2454657106 Electric Vehicles USA
245446000 Electric Vehicles USA 2454657102 Electric Vehicles USA
2454466916 Electric Vehicles USA 2454657057 Electric Vehicles USA
2454466974 Electric Vehicles USA 2454465093 Electric Vehicles USA
2454657033 Electric Vehicles USA 2454466981 Electric Vehicles USA
2454657037 Electric Vehicles USA 2454657116 Electric Vehicles USA
2454657047 Electric Vehicles USA 2454657117 Electric Vehicles USA
I2454466081 Electric Vehicles USA 2454466970 Electric Vehicles USA
I2454466228 Electric Vehicles USA I2454466071 Electric Vehicles USA
I2454466227 Electric Vehicles USA I2454466090 Electric Vehicles USA
I2454466105 Electric Vehicles USA I2454466087 Electric Vehicles USA
I2454466100 Electric Vehicles USA 2454657117 Electric Vehicles USA
I245449023 EVParts 245449590 EVParts
245449929 EVParts


254657022 Salida Conversions


Salida Conversions
T2454466411 Salida Conversions


Salida Conversions
T2454466412 Salida Conversions


Salida Conversions
T2454466413 Salida Conversions


Salida Conversions
T2454466414 Salida Conversions


Salida Conversions
T2454466415 Salida Conversions


Salida Conversions
2454466454 EV Components

If these motors are returned for warranty repair they may not be returned to the customer until such time as the Dealer Agreement is entirely complied with! Auhtorities may consider these items stolen equipment.
Our Agreement with our Dealers indicates:
4. Title to Equipment.  The Company (NetGain Motors, Inc.) hereby reserves a purchase money security interest in each such unit of Equipment (Motors) sold or to be sold under this Agreement and in the proceeds thereof, if Dealer shall have sold or leased a unit(s), or otherwise disposed of a unit(s) to another party prior to Dealer paying Company the purchase price for such Unit as set forth herein, in the amount of such unit's purchase price.  These interests will be satisfied by payment in full.  A copy of this Agreement may be filed with the appropriate authorities at any time after the signature by the Company as a financing statement in order to perfect the Company's security interest.  On the request of the Company, Dealer shall execute financing statement(s) and other instruments the Company shall desire to perfect a security interest in the Equipment for its purchase price.  Title to the Equipment shall pass to Dealer upon receipt by the Company of payment in full for all amounts due for such units of Equipment, including any interest due.  Warranty claims may only be made on Equipment in which title has transferred by payment in full.
1. Equipment Warranty.  Company warrants that Dealer shall acquire Equipment purchased hereunder free and clear of all  liens encumbrances except for Company's purchase security interest defined in Article I, 4 above.


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